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About Us

35 Years Onsite Engineering Experience

Marine Cement Terminal Solutions, LLC is a consulting firm owned by Mark Clemence. Mark is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he graduated with a dual degree. He holds a BS degree in Marine Engineering as well as a BS degree in Marine Transportation. Upon graduation Mark also held a U.S. Coast Guard license as a Third Assistant Engineer and a Third Mate. Mark eventually earned and sailed on his Chief Engineer license prior to coming ashore. Mark has been involved in the marine industry for nearly 40 years. Upon coming ashore, Mark went to work for Blue Circle Cement in their Marine Department and has been involved in the cement business for over 35 years. In addition to Blue Circle, Mark has also worked for Lafarge, Ash Grove Cement, CRH, and the joint venture Houston Cement Company. 
Mark has extensive hands-on experience in the handling and transportation of cement and cementitious products. From the loading and unloading systems for ship, barge, truck, or rail to the conceptual design and construction of the terminals these transportation modes service. He has been involved in greenfield and brownfield projects from concept, design, construction, and operations. Mark has always concentrated on ensuring all the associated cement handling systems are state of the art, user friendly, and efficient. Mark is well known in the marine and cement arenas as he has worked with numerous ship owners and cement suppliers from around the world for over 10 years. He has booked freight for over 2.4 million tons of cementitious products annually and built long lasting relationships with ship owners and suppliers from every corner of the world. From Voyage Charter Party to ship closeout laytime statements, Mark has done it all.

What We Do?


Providing engineering and logistical solutions from terminal and vessel storage to transfer and shipment in the marine cement terminal industry

Marine Services

Vessel Chartering - Ship & Barge
Charter Party Drafting
Lay Time Calculations
Draft Surveys
Conditional Draft Survey Calculations
Cement loading/Unloading Systems
Cargo Damage Surveys
Dredging Coordination
Hydrographic Surveys
Expert Witness

Cement Terminal Systems

Truck Loading/Unloading Systems
Ship - Barge Loading & Unloading
Rail Loading & Unloading Systems
Cement Handling Systems & Upgrades
Terminal Efficiency Studies
Data Collection & Analyzation
Spare Parts Management
Condition Surveys
Facility Security Plan (FSP)
Security Assessments